Monday, March 19, 2018

Playing Catch-up - As Usual

I have brought my iPad along with me more times than I can count to try to get an update written and posted, and here I am a full month and a half after my last post and I’m just getting to it.

Several races, some good, some a trip on the struggle bus, but all finished still standing - so that’s a win. Races since 2/6/18 -

2/17/18 - Sweetheart Run 10K (2nd race towards the 100K Challenge) - was originally scheduled for 2/10/18, but had to be postponed a week because of a severe weather threat (that turned out to be all for nothing). Turns out the weather on the morning of the 17th was colder and wetter than what the original date would have been (rescheduled because of the city, not because of the race director). It was rainy, windy, and cold when I arrived early to pick up my packet - but thankfully the rain stopped or had at least backed off to just a drizzle when the race started. This was a 2 loop race - which I typically do not enjoy because you get tortured by having to run past the finish line just to head out for the second lap. Definitely was not my best 10K time, but I did beat my Groundhog Run time, which was interesting considering this route was not exactly flat (and the weather was less than desirable).

3/3/18 - Liberty Hospital Half Marathon - my first race actually running WITH my sister Jennifer - both of us woefully underprepared for the distance. My longest run prior to this race was 8 miles, and that had been more than 2 weeks before race day. The weather was remarkably blessed and beautiful - just a bit of wind, but wonderfully overcast where needed, but warm and sunny at times were also welcome. The aid stations at this race, and the overall support were phenomenal especially considering this was just the 2nd year of this race. I started with my pace set at an 11 minute mile knowing full well I’d be luck to be able to sustain a 12 minute mile, but I thought if I set my pace music there my mind would want to go even slower. I set my intervals at 45/15, and didn’t back the intervals down to 30/15 until well into the second half of the race. As much as I was not a fan of the mile long uphill at mile 12, I am already a huge fan of this race and will probably be back next year (they’ve already said a completely different route next year.) My legs were unhappy with me after this race, but thankfully I was able to literally lay down as soon as I got home, and slept and slept and slept - and rested my legs. Sadly I had not left much wiggle room after this race before the next one.

3/10/18 - Big 12K Run - more hills, but bright sunny weather. I enjoy running around and through downtown Kansas City, so the route - while hilly - was enjoyable to me. The last uphill again felt torturously long, but there was a fantastic 1/3 mile downhill to the finish, so that was FANTASTIC. I’ve never done this race or this distance so technically it’s a PR for me, right? I thought I had my pace set at an 11 minute mile - with intervals set at 45/15 - but at about mile 5 I decided I needed to drop my intervals back to 30/15 - only to discover that I was already on 30/15 - talk about a soul crusher LOL.

That brings me to yesterday - 3/18/18 - my third race towards the 100K Challenge - the Great Plains 10K Kansas City. I LOVE this race - there’s nothing particularly special except that it’s a nice size, not too crowded, not too small, I love the route, and I usually love the medal. The weather was once again cold and windy with a hint of dampness in the air. I was thrilled to be running another race with my BRF Karen - and we did technically start the race together. I loosely had planned to try for at least a 12 minute mile (still feeling sluggish legs and over-all fat from the past 2 races) with intervals set at 45/15. I knew I went out too fast, and several times I forced myself to slow down so as to save enough energy to not totally give out at the end - and managed to get a race PR by 14:40 - much better than I had hoped for. Not a 10K PR, but a big confidence boost with my 3rd race in as many weekends.

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